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Multi-wallet Staked DAI Locked KDO Locked KDO Insured KDO -2 KDO 2 KDO 2 KDO -3 KDO 0xd36D...4Bcc Monthly Yield Total Yield $500 USD $500 USD $500 USD $750 USD 550 KDO 40 KDO TotalAmount 5000 Join Pool Withdraw

Identity Passports for Metaverse and Web 3.0

Get access to exclusive rewards based on your on-chain score. Good citizens of the metaverse get rewarded for good on-chain behaviour.

We have revolutionized how on-chain identity works.

Blockchain agnostic on-chain identity Intelligence for Metaverse and DeFi. The higher your on-chain reputation, the more access to borrowing, airdrop and farming opportunities in Ethereum, Polygon, BSC and Solana ecosystems.

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Total Borrowed $ 1.7 M Protocol Fees Kudo Compi 1 Compi 2 $1,912,201,221 $1,812,281,926 $1,278,190,691 302.6239 KDO 302.6239 KAB 302.6239 KAB Stacked $12,783 $12,783 Loan Contract Kudo Contract Call Deposit 0.010 KDO SS pool Index loan Pool Connect Wallet Address : 0x9b3...C3577D Cancel Deposit

How does the Unomi score work

Identity intelligence for Metaverse and DeFi. Kudo identity scoring mechanisms will leverage alternative data sources and activities – Onchain credit behaviour (MakerDao/ Compound/Aave), Airdrop, Investing and Farming activity to assess the creditworthiness and holding behavior. The scores can range from 0 to 100, with higher scores representing lower propensity to default, sell etc.
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Money Legos for
Web 3.0 and Metaverse

Treasury Lending

Bitquity on-chain lending will provide cash strapped ICO companies with working capital against their native token treasury assets.

Lending Desk

Access to large loan supply, Fixed rates, long durations and non callable loans to meet trading and working capital needs.

Credit Rating

Automated risk scores assigned to on-chain institutions based on data such as market cap, distribution, transfer history, swap, liquidity, volatility, etc.

Stable Yields

Liquidity Providers earn risk less, stable and high yields on their assets by lending directly to top tier institutions.

Enterprise Portal

Enterprise-level controls, real-time analytics, balances, interest payments, loan durations. Institutional pools will support whitelisting for KYC and AML.

Developer access

Access to build layered higher order composable products on Kudo. Insurance, Risk offloading, Underwriting, CDO’s, Tranching, Index Pools, etc.

Powering the innovation of Web 3.0

Ecosystem of structured products getting built on Kudo.

Onchain Treasury Lending

Onchain Identity Issuance

Under collateralized Commercial loans

Who’s backing us?

Kudo Token Utility & Design

Kudo Token holders can participate in our Liquidity Incentive program.

Ecosystem participants can stake KDO tokens.

Get access to exclusive borrowing, farms and airdrop opportunities.

Ecosystem stakeholders can participate in the protocol governance.

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